Product Description

A primer for CARF accreditation.

Package contains:
  • Standards Manual (spiral-bound printed copy) includes:
    • accreditation policies and procedures
    • applicable standards
    • intent statements to guide demonstration of conformance
    • changes in the standards from the previous year
    • appendices for required written documentation and operational timelines
    • CARF glossary
  • Survey Preparation Workbook (spiral-bound printed copy)
    Companion to the manual. A workbook with standards-related questions.
    Completing the survey preparation questions:
    • helps determine overall readiness for the survey
    • identifies areas for improvement in order to be in conformance to the standards
    • aids in organizing materials in a manner that will be efficient for the survey team to review.
  • Standards Conformance Checklist (printed, binder-ready)
    Track general conformance to standards:
    • perform a self-evaluation
    • note areas for improvement


2023 Medical Rehabilitation Survey Preparation Package #2

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2023 Medical Rehabilitation Survey Preparation Package #2