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2023 CARF Medical Rehabilitation Standards Manual (in English and Chinese)

2023 医学康复标准手册(英文版及中文版)

The publications are for surveys conducted between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.


Contains bookmarked PDF files (printable; not a fillable form) of the Standards Manual.


The standards manual includes:

  • accreditation policies and procedures
  • applicable standards
  • intent statements to guide demonstration of conformance
  • examples to illustrate how conformance could be demonstrated
  • appendices for required written documentation and operational timelines
  • CARF glossary


  • 认证政策与程序
  • 适用标准
  • 指导机构展示其符合标准的说明
  • 举例如何可以证明机构符合标准的做法
  • 附录:列出了必备书面文件和行动时间表
  • CARF 术语表

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2023 CARF Medical Rehabilitation Standards Manual in English and Chinese

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2023 CARF Medical Rehabilitation Standards Manual in English and Chinese