Product Description

Companion to the Standards Manual. A workbook with standards-related questions.

Contains a bookmarked PDF file and MS Word files of the Survey Preparation Workbook.
Completing the survey preparation questions:
  • helps determine overall readiness for the survey.
  • identifies areas for improvement in order to be in conformance to the standards.
  • aids in organizing materials in a manner that will be efficient for the survey team to review.
PDF files:
  • locked (not a fillable PDF)
  • allow comments/notes to be added to pages
MS Word files:
  • used with most word processing programs
  • can enter text and hyperlinks
  • separate files for each section of the workbook
The files are protected by a license agreement and may only be used by employees of the purchasing organization, up to the permitted number of users. (View license agreement).


2018 Child and Youth Services Survey Preparation Workbook (CD)

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2018 Child and Youth Services Survey Preparation Workbook (CD)