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Pressure injuries are a frequent, costly, and potentially life-threatening complication of spinal cord injury (SCI). The etiology of pressure injuries is complex and multifactorial, and prevention strategies, such as hospital-based education, have little success in reducing the occurrence. This webinar will review a multitude of risk factors, the complexity of prevention, and the involvement of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) in the continuum of maintaining optimal skin integrity.

Webinar participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the incidence, prevalence, and impact of pressure injury for those with a SCI.
  2. Recognize the risk factors of persons with a SCI who may develop pressure injuries.
  3. Review measures to prevent pressure injury and effectiveness.
  4. Identify PM&R team opportunities to assist in the management of stage 1 and 2 pressure injuries.
  5. Describe the collaborative care model and PM&R involvement for surgical management of stage 3 and 4 pressure injuries.

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Optimizing Skin Integrity: Preventing and Treating Pressure Injuries

Item #: 3520.03-44
Details: Date May 31, 2019. Duration: 85 min.

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Optimizing Skin Integrity: Preventing and Treating Pressure Injuries