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Inpatient rehabilitation is a setting that by nature serves persons with a high risk for falling. Functional mobility is always impaired and cognition is often impaired as well. As they strive for more independence, these factors can lead to falls. Falls can lead to delays in rehabilitation, inability to meet goals, injury, and even mortality. A methodical approach to fall prevention addressing culture and utilizing data can lead to success in fall reduction. Experiences, successes, and lessons learned from Carolinas Rehabilitation's journey will be shared.

Webinar participants should be able to identify:

  1. Ways to collect meaningful data related to falls.
  2. Ways to use data to implement targeted fall prevention interventions.
  3. Potential measures to address fall prevention culture.
  4. Other positive effects improved by fall prevention.

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Falls Reduction in Rehabilitation

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Details: Recorded August 20, 2014. Duration: 91 min.

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Falls Reduction in Rehabilitation