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Sexuality is an important aspect of human behavior and certainly needs to be addressed as part of a comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program. Neurorehabilitation programs work to identify clients' concerns and impairments after a brain injury, support their interests, and teach skills. Although sexual functioning is a natural human behavior, neurological changes may lead to sexual behavior that is intrusive or inappropriate in family, community, and staff interactions. Although staff training in neurorehabilitation settings has traditionally included a focus on managing aggression and teaching skills to support staff and client safety, specific discussion about managing sexually intrusive behavior may not be prioritized or included. In an effort to increase staff awareness, develop an integrated team philosophy, and recommend intervention strategies, a staff training program was developed as part of the annual training day program. A staff survey regarding sexually intrusive behaviors and staff stress response was developed, and results were reviewed as part of the training program. Recommendations will be discussed. 

Webinar participants should be able to:

  1. Identify issues related to sexuality in brain injury rehabilitation.
  2. Discuss literature review regarding sexually intrusive behavior in brain injury rehabilitation settings.
  3. Review a staff survey regarding the impact of sexually intrusive behavior.
  4. Discuss staff training needs and managing expectations regarding sexually intrusive behavior.
  5. Review recommendations for program development in this area.

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Sexually Intrusive Behavior After Brain Injury: Staff Perceptions and Training

Item #: 3520.03-11
Details: Recorded May 21, 2014. Duration: 73 min.

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Sexually Intrusive Behavior After Brain Injury: Staff Perceptions and Training