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This webinar provides information on CARF’s new 2016 standards for networks. This interactive webinar will address:

  • Key information used to determine if the network standards are a fit for your program.
  • Background regarding the development of the network standards and their important role in the field.
  • Review of the CARF standards applicable to networks that may be focused on business integration and/or service delivery in a variety of sectors.
  • Identifying standards that particularly emphasize network integration, quality improvement (QI), and evidence-based decision making.
  • How standards are applied to network administration and to participating providers in the network.

Networks are described as:

A network is a legal entity that contracts with two or more organizations (“participating providers”) that deliver health or human services to persons served to coordinate functions between or on behalf of the participating providers. Various types of networks exist, and they may have different purposes in the field. For example, business networks may be formed to establish strategic business arrangements with or among participating providers, and service delivery networks may establish an integrated system of service provision by participating providers to persons served. Other types of networks may combine the functions of business and service delivery networks. To promote service excellence and minimize risk, service delivery networks establish and implement a process for quality review of participating providers. Network leadership is identified and guides:

  • Participating provider contracts that address, depending on the type of network, business functions and/or service delivery.
  • Operational links and integration with or among participating providers.
  • A system to facilitate cooperation with participating providers, including:
    • Integrated strategic and financial planning.
    • Resource coordination.
    • Technology integration.
    • Performance measurement.
    • Development and improvement of participating providers.
    • Geographic areas served.

Networks that provide services to persons served may offer value in any or all of the following ways:

  • Choice of services.
  • Access to services based on the needs of the persons served and expectations of other stakeholders.
  • Improved coordination of services among participating providers.
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

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Overview of CARF's Network Standards

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Details: Recorded April 12, 2016. Duration: 60 min.

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Overview of CARF's Network Standards